Introducing SMU Coin (SiegeMU Coin) where you can exchange it for the following rewards.

πŸ₯‡ TOP 1: 5,000 Php
πŸ₯ˆ TOP 2: Gaming Chair
πŸ₯‰ TOP 3: Gaming Keyboard
πŸ… TOP 4: Gaming Mouse
πŸ… TOP 5: RGB LED Large Gaming Mousepad 

βœ… The top 5 players with the highest amount of SMU Coin until May 31, 2023, will win the rewards above.
βœ… SMU Coin is non-tradeable.
βœ… Other players can still exchange their SMU Coins for Cash. 
βœ… 1 SMU Coin will cost 3 Php starting June 1, 2023.
βœ… The minimum Payout is 300 Php (60 SMU Coins) through GCash 

Question: Is this permanent?
Answer: Yes, SMU Coin is our permanent Play2Earn content. Players can still farm SMU Coins in Vulcanus and they can exchange them for cash.

We have the right to exchange other details without further notice. We encourage players to check this post from time to time.

MEDIUM RATE server in its best Season 6 version, but adapted with Season 18 features to allow the best of both worlds and many classic and nostalgic custom items and events to embrace cutting-edge players. Our goal is to deliver a long-term game community to all MU Online players.

Siege MU has all the tools and a qualified team to extract the maximum quality from the player, something that you guys can't find in any Servers. Understand everything about our server, and what it can offer, access our topics from this guide and understand.

・We are a group/team of MU veterans that enjoy pure PVP through reset system gameplay since the 1st-day release of different private servers 15 years ago.

・If you found us, you are more than likely the same as us. We enjoy pure PVP gaming where even a simple excellent drop feels special, where if you want to be the "ALPHA" you need to actually know how to play the game and not just pull out your money from your pocket. 

・Don't get us wrong because donations are welcome and it's a big help for the server. However, our Cash Shop in-game and the Web Shop donation values are very cheap and reasonable that even everyone can afford them. All items available on donation are also 100% farmable in-game including WCoins.

・We are not here to sit and earn money, we have jobs for that! The money generated by donations will be spent purely on server improvement and advertising to bring a big crowd of like-minded players, just like you and me. 

・We all agreed that the items that can be purchased should be more of a convenience to the player than a necessity to be competitive. So, we are encouraging all players that have been left behind for how many years from the old Server including players from different private servers to gather in 1 world and start all over again their epic adventure! Get Stronger, Have duels, Make wars and GO CRAZY!