Introducing SMU Coin (SiegeMU Coin) where you can exchange it for the following rewards.

🥇 TOP 1: 5,000 Php
🥈 TOP 2: Gaming Chair
🥉 TOP 3: Gaming Keyboard
🏅 TOP 4: Gaming Mouse
🏅 TOP 5: RGB LED Large Gaming Mousepad 

✅ The top 5 players with the highest amount of SMU Coin until May 31, 2023, will win the rewards above.
✅ SMU Coin is non-tradeable.
✅ Other players can still exchange their SMU Coins for Cash. 
✅ 1 SMU Coin will cost 3 Php starting June 1, 2023.
✅ The minimum Payout is 300 Php (60 SMU Coins) through GCash 

Question: Is this permanent?
Answer: Yes, SMU Coin is our permanent Play2Earn content. Players can still farm SMU Coins in Vulcanus and they can exchange them for cash.

We have the right to exchange other details without further notice. We encourage players to check this post from time to time.